SuperOkay Review

What is SuperOkay?

A stress-free way to gather and manage content and documents. Get on the same page with your clients with smart briefs, proposals, estimates, approvals, and workflow efficiency tools. SuperOkay is a productivity tool for service providers that aims to harmonize your client-facing interactions and tighten this relationship, so as you always agree on what you’re doing, how much it costs and when it’s going to be ready. We’re pretty sure we can replace your entire document creating and sharing toolset. Seriously. You no longer need 5+ platforms to make creating, sharing, and getting approvals happen.  Forget relentless email chains and attachments, work together with your clients to finish projects on time, and increase your profitability. How it works Setup a custom ecosystem for your business that works for you and enjoy the benefits of an easy-to-use, customizable client interactions ecosystem. Brief answered. When you're working on a project, it's important to get all the right information. With our Input Types, you can collect anything you need. Proposal accepted. Stop wasting hours with proposal writing! With our easy proposal builder, you can create high converting proposals in minutes instead of hours. Contract signed. You're excited about your new customer, but if you don't make sure they sign those contracts, all that enthusiasm will go away. In a few clicks, and you're set! Content request completed. Collecting content with a hacked-together system of email, documents and shared folders turns into chaos. Use SuperOkay to collect content the smart way. Scope changes approved. Ever had to undergo a change? It can be tough. Get granular approvals throughout the life of the project and keep everything in one place for scope clarity. All in one place. Create meaningful client interactions through smart documents, content requests, and approvals all in one place.

Overview of SuperOkay

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HQ Location :
London, London
Year founded :
Language supported :
German English French Italian Dutch Polish Portuguese Romanian Spanish
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Cloud Hosted
Customer Types :
Small Business Freelancers
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Monthly payment Annual Subscription Free
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Email Live Support

Overview of SuperOkay Features

  • Custom Favicon
  • White-Labeled Client Interface
  • In-Context Action Items
  • Document Creation
  • Pre-Built Document Templates
  • Custom Link Appearance
  • Branding Customization
  • Custom Login Page
  • Timeline Updates
  • Quick Links
  • Client Portal
  • Approval Workflow


Pricing Plans


Starting at $19.00

Per Month


Starting at $59.00

Per Month


Starting at $112.00

Per Month

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