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I recently had the opportunity to test out Onboard, a powerful software in the categories of Project, Portfolio & Program Management Software, and Client Onboarding Software. As someone who is constantly seeking efficient ways to manage projects and streamline client onboarding processes, I was excited to see what Onboard had to offer.

Upon using Onboard, I was immediately impressed by its user-friendly interface. The intuitive design made it easy to navigate through different features and functionalities. From organizing projects to managing portfolios, Onboard provided a smooth and seamless experience.

The software's dashboard is particularly noteworthy. It offers a comprehensive overview of ongoing projects, allowing users to prioritize and track progress with ease. Its ability to generate visual representations of data, such as graphs and charts, further enhances the user experience.

One notable feature of Onboard is its collaboration tools. The software allows teams to work together on projects, streamlining communication and enhancing productivity. Whether it's assigning tasks, sharing files, or leaving comments, Onboard promotes effective collaboration within a centralized platform.

Another aspect that stands out is the client onboarding functionality. Onboard provides a seamless onboarding experience, allowing users to effortlessly onboard new clients, customize workflows, and automate repetitive tasks. The software simplifies the entire process, ensuring a smooth transition for both the organization and the client.

Furthermore, Onboard has received rave reviews from other users in the industry. One user states, "Onboard has transformed the way we manage projects and onboard clients. It has significantly improved our efficiency and saved us valuable time and resources." This sentiment is echoed by numerous users, who appreciate the software's robust features and user-friendly interface.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Comprehensive project management tools
  • Efficient client onboarding functionality
  • Collaboration tools for effective teamwork
  • Automated workflows and task management


1. Can Onboard integrate with other software?

Yes, Onboard offers integrations with popular software such as CRM systems and communication tools, providing a seamless workflow for users.

2. Is Onboard suitable for small businesses?

Absolutely! Onboard is scalable and can cater to the needs of both small businesses and large enterprises. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to users of all skill levels.

3. Can I track project progress and generate reports in Onboard?

Yes, Onboard enables users to easily track project progress through its comprehensive dashboard. It also offers reporting functionality, allowing users to generate detailed reports for better project analysis and performance evaluation.

In conclusion, Onboard is an exceptional software that excels in project, portfolio, and program management, as well as client onboarding. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and robust collaboration tools make it a valuable asset for any organization. I highly recommend giving Onboard a try and experiencing its transformative capabilities firsthand.

Overview of Onboard

Seller :
Onboard Software, Inc
HQ Location :
Coconut Grove, FL
Year founded :
Language supported :
User satisfaction :
Integrations :
Devices Supported :
Windows Android iPhone/iPad Mac Web-based Linux
Deployment :
Cloud Hosted On Premise
Customer Types :
Small Business Large Enterprises Medium Business
Pricing Model :
Monthly payment Quote-based
Support :
Email Phone Live Support Training Tickets

Overview of Onboard Features

  • Biometrics Login Security
  • Centralized Resource Center
  • Mobile Access and Syncing
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Integration with Microsoft Office 365
  • Offline Access
  • Up-to-Date Device Syncing
  • In-sync Annotations and Notes
  • Surveys and Questionnaires
  • Multi-Board Support
  • Zoom for OnBoard
  • Engagement & Analytics Tracking
  • Presenter Mode
  • Electronic Signature
  • Private & Group Messaging
  • Meeting and Minutes Management
  • Meeting Minutes Builder
  • Voting and Polls
  • Agenda and Board Book Creation
  • Remote Data Wipe
  • Complete Document and File Support
  • Secure Messenger
  • Integration with Zoom
  • Microsoft Azure Security
  • Task Management
  • Autosave Functionality
  • Approval Process Management


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