SURFSecurity Review

What is SURFSecurity?

SURF is redefining enterprise cybersecurity by making the browser the organization’s first line of defense, securing a distributed workforce. SURF provides unprecedented visibility into all employee corporate activity across locations, devices, and SaaS services – but without intruding on individual privacy. This increases employee and contractor security adoption rates by eliminating the trade-off between security and privacy SURF is a completely zero-trust-based platform, so identity verification is key – the system authenticates, validates, and authorizes before and during access. It is integrated with common IAM & PAM platforms, including okta. It requires multi-factor authentication and transactional MFA, with a SSO to all SaaS applications. Furthermore, the solution tracks no browser history or any other user activities in any way, shape, or form, UNLESS they have breached predefined policies. As a modern alternative to DaaS/VDI/VPN/RBI etc., the SURF security zero-trust enterprise browser takes an innovative approach to securing critical apps and data. Instead of adding overhead layers of virtualization, cost, and complexity and fracturing the user experience, the security and access controls are built directly within the browser. Users get full native experiences and streamlined performance without any middle tiers, as if they were using the consumer version of Google Chrome. Identity access management and privileged access management are built in, as are multi-factor authentication (MFA) and transactional MFA. The identity-first browser delivers a single sign-on for all SaaS applications and instantly delivers a secure service edge (SSE) without VDI, RBI and VPN, and supplements ZTNA, SWG, CASB, web DLP, SSO and firewalls and more.

Overview of SURFSecurity

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Overview of SURFSecurity Features

  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Compliance
  • Shadow IT Central Control
  • Secure Endpoints
  • Ad-free Web
  • Chromium-based
  • Single Security Stack Access Point
  • Closed Loop Administration


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