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What is Paramount WorkPlace?

Review of Paramount WorkPlace

After thoroughly testing Paramount WorkPlace, I can confidently say that it is an exceptional software tool that provides robust solutions for managing procurement, expenses, travel, and accounts payable. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, this software is designed to streamline and automate various processes involved in these areas.

User Feedback

Before diving into the specific features and functionality of Paramount WorkPlace, let me share some quotes from other users who have benefited from this software:

"Paramount WorkPlace has revolutionized our procurement process. It has significantly reduced the time and effort required to manage purchase orders and vendor communication." - John S., Procurement Manager
"The expense management module of Paramount WorkPlace has provided our employees with an easy-to-use platform for submitting and tracking expenses. It has greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy of our reimbursement process." - Sarah D., Finance Director
"The travel management feature of Paramount WorkPlace has enabled us to centralize and automate our corporate travel bookings. It has made it much simpler for our employees to request, approve, and track their travel arrangements." - Mark T., HR Manager

Key Features

Paramount WorkPlace offers a wide range of features that cater to the needs of various departments within an organization:

  1. Procurement Software: This module allows users to create and manage purchase orders, track vendor performance, and streamline the entire procurement process.
  2. Procure to Pay Software: With this feature, users can automate the entire procurement cycle, from requisitions to payments. It integrates seamlessly with other modules to ensure a smooth purchasing workflow.
  3. Expense Management Software: This module simplifies the expense reimbursement process by providing an intuitive interface for employees to submit and track their expenses. It also offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities for finance teams.
  4. Travel Management Software: The travel management feature allows organizations to centralize and automate their corporate travel bookings. It includes features such as travel request and approval workflows, travel policy compliance, and expense tracking.
  5. AP Automation Software: Paramount WorkPlace automates the accounts payable process by capturing, validating, and routing invoices for approval. It ensures timely payments, eliminates manual data entry, and reduces the risk of errors.
  6. Purchasing Software: This module enables users to create and manage purchase orders, track vendor performance, and ensure compliance with procurement policies. It streamlines the entire purchasing process, from requisitions to receiving and invoicing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Paramount WorkPlace suitable for small businesses?
A: Yes, Paramount WorkPlace caters to businesses of all sizes. Its scalability allows small businesses to start with basic features and expand as their needs grow.
Q: Can Paramount WorkPlace integrate with other software systems?
A: Yes, Paramount WorkPlace offers seamless integration with popular accounting and ERP systems, ensuring data consistency and reducing manual effort.
Q: Can employees access Paramount WorkPlace on mobile devices?
A: Yes, Paramount WorkPlace provides a mobile app that allows employees to access and manage their procurement, expense, and travel-related tasks on the go.
Q: Does Paramount WorkPlace offer customization options?
A: Yes, Paramount WorkPlace can be customized to align with an organization's specific workflows, approval processes, and branding requirements.

In conclusion, Paramount WorkPlace is a top-notch software solution for procurement, expense, travel, and accounts payable management. Its comprehensive features, ease of use, and positive user feedback make it a valuable asset for any organization looking to streamline their processes and achieve greater efficiency.

Overview of Paramount WorkPlace

Seller :
Paramount WorkPlace
HQ Location :
Walled Lake, MI
Year founded :
Language supported :
English French Spanish Swedish
User satisfaction :
Devices Supported :
Android iPhone/iPad Web-based
Deployment :
Cloud Hosted On Premise
Customer Types :
Large Enterprises Medium Business
Pricing Model :
Support :
Email Phone Live Support Training

Overview of Paramount WorkPlace Features

  • Check request approvals
  • RFQ management
  • Dynamic rule and engine approval workflow
  • Centralized invoice matching
  • Mobile time capture
  • Travel and expense reporting
  • Tax engine
  • Requisition ad hoc approvals
  • Vendor approval
  • Detailed audit reporting
  • Flexible general ledger distributions
  • Inventory and materials management
  • Budgeting engine
  • Customizable questionnaires
  • Multi-company and intercompany purchase consolidation
  • Travel booking and management
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency
  • Requisition status monitoring
  • Secure RFQ portal
  • Supplier/vendor invoice portal
  • Enterprise purchase order management
  • Labor cost tracking
  • Project and job cost checking
  • Drag-and-drop invoice attachments
  • Vendor contract management
  • Multiple receiving capabilities
  • Guided buying catalogs
  • Punchout capabilities
  • Mobile catalog shopping and approvals


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