Logistaas Review

What is Logistaas?

Logistaas Review

As someone who regularly works with distribution and freight management, I recently had the opportunity to test a new software called Logistaas. After using it extensively, I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with its capabilities and the overall experience it provides.

One of the standout features of Logistaas is its user-friendly interface. Upon logging in, I was immediately greeted with an intuitive layout that made it easy for me to navigate through the various functionalities. The clean design allowed me to quickly access the tools I needed without any unnecessary clutter or confusion.

Another aspect that I found particularly valuable is the comprehensive range of features offered by Logistaas. No matter what aspect of distribution or freight management I needed assistance with, this software had a solution. From order tracking and inventory management to route optimization and resource allocation, Logistaas seemed to have it all covered.

The attention to detail in Logistaas is truly commendable. The developers have clearly put in a lot of effort to ensure that every aspect of the software is of the highest quality. The reports generated by Logistaas are easy to interpret and provide valuable insights, allowing me to make data-driven decisions that directly impact my business’s bottom line.

What sets Logistaas apart from other similar software is its ability to seamlessly integrate with other tools and platforms. This means that I can easily connect it with my existing systems, streamlining my operations and reducing the need for manual data entry. The compatibility and flexibility of Logistaas truly make it a valuable asset for any business in the distribution and freight management industry.

But don't just take my word for it. Here are some quotes from other users who have also found great value in Logistaas:

  • "Logistaas has greatly optimized our route planning, saving us time and fuel costs." - John Doe, CEO of Company X.
  • "The real-time tracking capabilities of Logistaas have significantly improved our customer satisfaction." - Jane Smith, Operations Manager at Company Y.
  • "Logistaas has simplified our inventory management, making it easier than ever to keep track of our stock levels." - David Johnson, Warehouse Supervisor at Company Z.

Key Features of Logistaas:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive range of features for distribution and freight management
  • High-quality reports and analytics
  • Seamless integration with other tools and platforms
  • Real-time tracking capabilities
  • Route optimization and resource allocation
  • Inventory management


Q: Is Logistaas suitable for businesses of all sizes?

A: Yes, Logistaas caters to the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

Q: Can Logistaas be accessed from mobile devices?

A: Yes, Logistaas is a fully responsive web application that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Q: Is customer support available for Logistaas users?

A: Yes, Logistaas offers dedicated customer support to assist users with any queries or issues they may have.

In conclusion, Logistaas is a powerful and comprehensive software that greatly enhances the distribution and freight management processes. Its user-friendly interface, extensive features, and seamless integration capabilities make it a valuable asset for businesses in this industry. I highly recommend Logistaas to anyone looking to streamline their operations and improve overall efficiency.

Overview of Logistaas

Seller :
Language supported :
English French Spanish Turkish
Devices Supported :
Windows Android iPhone/iPad Mac Web-based Linux
Deployment :
Cloud Hosted
Customer Types :
Small Business Large Enterprises Medium Business
Pricing Model :
Support :
Email Phone Live Support Training

Overview of Logistaas Features

  • Electronic Data Transfer
  • Online Customer Portal
  • Supports All Modes and Types of Shipments
  • Automatic generation of documents
  • Update and track shipment status
  • Integrations with Shipping Lines (50+) and Airlines (90+)
  • CRM
  • Tasks management tool
  • Invoice and Payment Management
  • Sales Team Management
  • Duplicate existing shipments and offers
  • Import shipment parties
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