DWG FastView Plus Review

What is DWG FastView Plus?

Review: DWG FastView Plus

As an avid CAD software user, I recently had the opportunity to test out a powerful and versatile tool that greatly exceeded my expectations. This incredible software, which falls under the categories of CAD Software, CAD Viewers Software, and General-Purpose CAD Software, has truly revolutionized my workflow. Without further ado, let me dive into the various key features and my personal experience using DWG FastView Plus.

User Interface

The user interface of DWG FastView Plus is sleek and intuitive, making it easy for both beginners and experienced users to navigate. The well-organized layout allows for seamless interaction with the software, enabling users to quickly access all the necessary tools and functionalities. The simplicity of the interface greatly enhances user productivity and efficiency.

Lightning Fast Loading Speed

One of the standout features of DWG FastView Plus is its lightning-fast loading speed. Opening complex CAD files has never been quicker, which significantly improves overall productivity. This impressive speed also extends to panning, zooming, and rotating drawings, allowing for a smooth and seamless viewing experience.

Extensive Compatibility

When it comes to CAD software, compatibility is vital. DWG FastView Plus exceeds expectations by supporting a wide range of file formats, including DWG, DXF, DWS, and DWT. This versatility ensures seamless collaboration with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders, regardless of the CAD software they use. The ability to open, view, and edit various file formats is a game-changer in the CAD industry.

Annotation and Measurement Tools

The annotation and measurement tools offered by DWG FastView Plus are both comprehensive and user-friendly. Adding markups, comments, and dimensions to drawings has never been easier. This feature streamlines communication between team members, ensuring a clear understanding of design intent and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Efficient File Management

DWG FastView Plus not only allows for efficient viewing and editing, but also provides robust file management capabilities. The software allows users to create folders, organize files, and easily search for specific drawings. This saves valuable time, as users no longer need to sift through numerous files to locate the one they need.

Key Features:

  • Sleek and intuitive user interface
  • Lightning-fast loading speed
  • Extensive compatibility with various CAD file formats
  • Comprehensive annotation and measurement tools
  • Efficient file management capabilities


  1. Is DWG FastView Plus compatible with Mac operating systems?
    DWG FastView Plus is currently available for Windows operating systems only.
  2. How many file formats does DWG FastView Plus support?
    DWG FastView Plus supports a wide range of file formats, including DWG, DXF, DWS, and DWT.
  3. Can I edit drawings within DWG FastView Plus?
    Yes, DWG FastView Plus allows for basic editing functionalities such as adding markups, comments, and dimensions.

Overview of DWG FastView Plus

Seller :
HQ Location :
Beijing City, China
Year founded :
Language supported :
English Japanese Spanish
Devices Supported :
Deployment :
On Premise
Customer Types :
Small Business Large Enterprises Medium Business Freelancers
Pricing Model :
One-time payment
Support :
Email Phone Tickets

Overview of DWG FastView Plus Features

  • Change Units
  • Multiple Viewing Options
  • Drawing Data Export
  • Drawing Compare
  • Quick Measurement
  • Dimensioning Tools
  • Individual & Batch DWG Conversion
  • DWG/DXF File Viewing
  • Plot Drawing
  • Email Drawing as Attachment


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