CADfix Review

What is CADfix?

CADfix is the leading software solution for CAD model translation, repair, healing, defeaturing and simplification. It is packaged as a desktop or server solution, with extensible modular functionality dependent upon the end user's source and target systems.

Overview of CADfix

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International TechneGroup
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Windows Linux
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On Premise
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Large Enterprises Medium Business
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Overview of CADfix Features

  • Geometry processing
  • CAD simplification for CAE
  • Advanced geometry morphing
  • Model healing and de-featuring
  • Modular functionality
  • STL creation
  • Reverse engineering
  • CAD simplification
  • CAD model data re-use in downstream CAD, CAE and CAM
  • Wizard, bath and diagnostic modes
  • Healing and repair engine
  • Additive manufacturing
  • CAD data conversion
  • Modelling engine and API
  • CAD translation
  • As a pre-processor within OEM apps
  • CFI toolkit
  • CAD repair
  • Interface import/export
  • 3D printing
  • Simplification of process plant equipment


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