Xygeni Review

What is Xygeni?

End to end Software Supply Chain Security. Xygeni protects the security and integrity of the CI/CD processes and infrastructure and any software components throughout the entire SDLC. Xygeni shields your Software Supply Chain from unseen threats, providing comprehensive visibility and control throughout the entire SDLC. Our platform enables systematic risk assessment, prioritizes threatened components, and enhances your global security posture, all with unmatched efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Xygeni Products: - Security Posture: Continuous monitoring, assessment, and management of the security risks within the pipeline, infrastructure, and teams -SDLC Inventory: Discover and catalog all artifacts, resources, and dependencies by their security posture. - CI/CD Security: Prevent insecure configuration and ensure the end-to-end software supply chain remains steadfastly secure. - Build Security: Elevate your software's trust with Xygeni's attestation, ensuring no unauthorized changes in CI/CD processes. - Anomaly Detection: Real-time detection and alerting of anomalous activity that may cause or be a precursor to an attack. - Open Source Security & SBOM: Identify questionable dependencies and malicious code that may compromise software projects. - Secrets Security: Identify secrets throughout the entire SDLC and prevent new secrets included in coding, building, and delivery actions - IaC Security: Ensure security and integrity of IaC templates to avoid replicating vulnerabilities at scale - Compliance: Enforce and provide evidence that security policies are applied throughout all stages of the SDLC. Xygeni’s unique capabilities provide complete visibility in the software supply chain, enabling a systematic process for assessing the risks associated with their software supply chain, identifying and prioritizing the most critical components, and evaluating and improving their global and detailed security posture at an effective and efficient effort, time and cost. Protect the integrity and security of your software assets, pipelines and infrastructure of the entire Software Supply Chain!

Overview of Xygeni

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Overview of Xygeni Features

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Risk Prioritization
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Secrets Security
  • Security Posture Monitoring
  • Real-time Insights
  • Open Source Security
  • IaC Security
  • CI/CD Security
  • Automated Security Checks
  • Compliance Management
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Audit Documentation
  • Regulatory Compliance Support

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