What is is a predictive marketing platform for Facebook and Google ads. We use behavioral (1st party) data from your website and mobile app to predict your ultimate business outcomes. These predictions are then used to: (1) Unlock Smart Bidding, even for B2B and smaller advertisers (2) Help ad platforms learn 10-30x faster compared to traditional approach with infrequent transactions (3) Link ad efficiency directly to your actual business results, not “noisy” or “biased” online micro-conversions (4) Enable 5+ times faster and cheaper A/B tests allowing you to test more hypotheses quicker and easier (5) Save you a lot of time and effort by reducing unnecessary workload (like managing cost-per-click bids manually campaign by campaign) We focus on helping offline-heavy businesses with narrow target audiences and long sales cycles (like real estate, auto, financial services (incl. insurance), education, and SaaS) by effectively turning them into e-commerce from an ad platform perspective. At the same time, our real-time insights into the quality of website and in-app traffic and leads enable smarter channel mix, sales and product decisions. The company was founded in March 2020 by a seasoned Digital Marketing, MarTech, and Data Science Executive from Compass (NYSE: COMP) and Ozon (NASDAQ: OZON), who basically built our product to alleviate his own pains as he moved from e-commerce to real estate tech.

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