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What is scrumgenius?

ScrumGenius is your digital assistant that facilitates asynchronous collaboration with your remote team. It offloads all the communication and scheduling overhead by making your teams more aligned and effective communicators. ScrumGenius can help organize day to day issues and automate recurring communication workflows such as asynchronous daily standup meetings, weekly retrospectives, and bi-weekly sprint planning. It can help surface all the information your team is sharing to where they are working already, such as team channels and inboxes. Our dashboard helps surface blockers, goals, and accomplishments. ScrumGenius is unique among its competitors because we work across many different chat platforms. Not just Slack, but Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex Teams. You can also invite external vendors and contributors via Email, and they can participate alongside your team. It only takes a few minutes to set up an initial standup with your team. Get started with ScrumGenius to create a non-intrusive check-in process for your team.

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