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What is QRcodeLab QR Code Generator?

QRcodeLab is an online platform to help people and businesses create beautiful QR codes and creative Ads. Our online QR generator is a full-featured graphic editor hosting advanced design tools. You will be able to fully customize the visual of your QR code, achieve a seamless blending into images like a watermark, add and edit any logo to brand your work, apply 3D transformation for realistic effects. Such QR images and Ads host a direct backlink to you, like a breadcrumb. Thanks to a widespread use of smartphones able to read and react to QR codes, this can trigger actions like opening a product web page, prefill data for a SMS, an email, a phone call, a wi-fi access, pinpoint a place on a map, direct to an App store.

We're also mobile marketing oriented. Our solution goes beyond static QR codes and offers to use short links to manage  dynamic QRs. You can edit such QR codes, whether it be to correct an error to change the final destination of the short URL. On top of that, we enhance it with analytic dashboards to handle traceable QR codes. Our tracking QRs are privacy-friendly, do not use cookie nor record IP addresses. We do not cap QR scans.

Enjoy unlimited try free as a visitor or get a free account with no ending date.

Overview of QRcodeLab QR Code Generator

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