AnonymSMS - Receive SMS Online Review

What is AnonymSMS - Receive SMS Online?

AnonymSMS is a totally free online service whereby you can receive SMS messages online, without the need of inputting your own mobile/cell number. Better yet, these temporary numbers are all based on real SIM numbers, and means you will be able to view any and all information received by this number online.


How to Receive SMS Free in 2022 

Choose desired number on our webpage. Indicate it in the app you are registering and check the number page for your SMS.

You can update it manually if SMS did not arrive. Usually SMS arrives from 2 to 120 seconds.


How To Receive Text Messages Online

AnonymSMS is super easy to use. Just choose the number and country you require, input the number instead of your own, and wait for the reply to pop up on our website under the number you chose to use. You’ll need to refresh the page after about 30 seconds to see the reply. Anyone can use and access the messages from this number – from wherever you are in the world. 


Registration Free – Receive SMS Online In Seconds

With the world now mostly using their mobile devices for browsing (up 51.3% compared to desktop in 2016 and on the rise, according to FastSMS), so many of us are asked to input our mobile/cell number for verification purposes. Whether it’s for social media platforms such as Facebook, Insta, TikTok, or for online dating or chat apps such as Whatsapp or Viber, you can’t do much without being asked to input your number. AnonymSMS offers a TOTALLY free SMS receiving service, meaning you don’t have to put your own number in to use whatever service it is you’re trying to access. What’s more, there’s no need to register! Just choose the number and country you require and the altermated message with your verification code will arrive on our website in seconds. 


Advantages If You Receive SMS Online

There are so many advantages of using a temporary phone number for SMS messages online! Below is a list of just a few.

  • Maintain your privacy – avoid sales calls and texts (companies will not have your number as you’ll input a temporary phone number instead) 
  • No need to worry about mobile signal strength – all you need is an internet connection or WiFi 
  • Reduce your number being associated with every digital account you hold
  • Use for anything you need verification for online – Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder and more
  • Numbers listed on this site are made inactive periodically to take away the risk of any fraud or illegal activity


Receive SMS Online For Any & All Services 

Use AnonymSMS for any online service you require, including:

  • Social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok & more
  • Chat apps: WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Messenger 
  • Dating apps such as Tinder 
  • Email services like GMail & Outlook
  • To demonstrate which country you’re in (or are claiming to be) to access services such as Netflix or Prime Video

Overview of AnonymSMS - Receive SMS Online

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New York, United States
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Cloud Hosted
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Overview of AnonymSMS - Receive SMS Online Features

  • Receiving SMS Online
  • Temporary Number


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