5 Popular CRM Software Products for Small Businesses

5 Popular CRM Software Products for Small Businesses

Customer Relations Software (CRM) products are planned and designated for businesses of various sizes. While selecting a business application, small business owners need to be careful so as to select a CRM application that matches their needs and the size of their company. This article is being made available to help small business owners out. It reviews the top features of five top CRM software for small businesses and the benefits one can gain increasingly by making use of these applications.

1. Axero

Communifire is a software that simplifies and organizes communication and work processes, and integrate them in a social business platform. This action helps to improve collaboration and management in small businesses. Communifire offers self-contained components in the business system for people and profiles, content and collaboration, spaces and groups, and social productivity.

Communifire can be used by employees to create knowledge bases, videos, articles, wikis, press releases, news items, and how-to's for both external and internal audiences. Communifire contains the event manager feature which can still be used by employees to schedule conferences, webinars and meetings. Communifire also offers some other organized, efficient and collaborative tools like tags and hash tags, controls, polls, survey, best content, job board and moderation.

Benefits for Small Businesses

Communifire's social tools and applications can be used by small businesses to get always active and changing activity streams and instant notifications. It can also be used by small companies to create interesting personal profiles of their employees which can include their personal, work and contact information. Communifire also assists small firms in bringing their teams and employees together for closer collabration by helping them create groups and spaces based project, topic or interests.

2. QCommission

QCommission is a software that calculates sales comission expertly and in a careful, exact manner avoiding manual errors in the process. So the application helps to create and establish trust between a small firm or business and its sales team. This application encourages sales professionals to use CRM by connecting their commission calculations with an integrated CRM tool like Oracle Fusion or Microsoft dynamics.

QCommisions guarantees an adaptable calender that processes and schedules comission calculations on a timely basis be it monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. This software can handle all kinds of commissions, bonus calculations, royalties, and referrals. It's commission or fee report can be used in other business activity solutions like sales and accounting lead generation.

Benefits for Small Businesses

Obviously, sales people will want to use CRM all the more when they see the direct positive effect of their effort in using it on their commissions. QCommission's enhanced sales commission system allows it's users to be able to give estimations about incoming payments and accruals thus helping them avoid the stress of reconciling problems and distrust among sales professionals.

By integrating QCommisson with Quickbooks, customers can bring errors between accounting and commission calculations to their barest minimum. This application can also be used by small businesses to get a clear idea of sales professionals that are performing well and those that are not.

3. Method CRM

For Quickbooks, this is one of the best CRM applications. It aids small businesses to tenderly care for and convert leads by remaining organized and delivering the needs of customers. Enterprise-level CRM has been made available to small businesses by the vendor. This was achieved by synchronizing Method CRM with Quickbooks accounting software in order to ensure users enter data only once.

Customer communication can be tracked using Method CRM's contact management function. This software works very well with other popular applications such as Gmail, SmartVault, MailChimp, and Outlook. By accessing the API, users can also integrate their own systems or apps.

Benefits for Small Businesses

Method CRM can be used by small business owners to monitor customer conversations thereby tracking employee performance. Small Firms can become more organized by sharing calenders, and assigning follow-ups and next steps. Method CRM features a simple drag-and drop tool which users can utilize to match their work flows without the use of coding.

4. Pipedrive

The pipedrive software is a very suitable application for small businesses in managing sales pipeline. It constructs and arranges business leads, offering a clear overview of the sales pipeline, thereby allowing users to pay more attention on the deals they view as more important. Pipedrive can be used used on desktops and mobile devices as well and can be integrated with google calender, google contacts, and other google apps.

Benefits For Small Businesses

The collection of methods of the sales pipeline that was built into Pipedrive can benefit small business owners very much. They can evaluate the progress of each of their sales teams, they can view the different sales stages and understand which deals need to be pushed thereby having the knowledge needed to prioritize deals. The use of pipedrive also help small firms to be able to track the performance of each sales team members.

By adding customized fields, users can modify sales pipeline stages. The application's mobile web version can be accessed anywhere, anytime. An excellent feature of pipedrive is it's ability to back up all data in real time to a seperate server. This tool can also be used during a meeting or a call to take notes.

5. Salesforce

Salesforce CRM Desk.com was formerly known as "Assistly". It's main focus is helping small businesses deliver high quality customer service. This application logically assembles customer conversations in a single channel where customer support executives can team up to handle responses effectively using phones, social media, chats and emails.

Desk.com integrates with social media as the tool monitors customer experience on social networks and solves problems there.

Benefits for Small Businesses

Users can keenly observe and reply to all customer queries in a single place. Access to phone, chat, email, Facebook, Twitter and discussion boardsis provided by the Universal Inbox making it easier track status and priority cases.

Users can impress customers by replying to them in their native languages as about 36 languages is made available by the software. Languages can be assigned to agents based on fluency.

CRM products are dedicated to helping small business reach their full potential by helping them converse well with customers, increase the efficiency of each work member and also accurately prioritise deals. We are confident that as you review the features of the CRM software poducts in this article you will select the most suitable application for your company.

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