Best 20 Gateway Providers

Best 20 Gateway Providers

The advancement of the digital industry especially in this era of computerization cannot be overemphasized. With the covid-19 pandemic came a huge transition of individual consumers and businesses, from cash payments to cashless transactions. Ever since then, the vast majority of people now prefer cashless payments, and only a minute number is left hanging in the balance, questioning the safety of these payments. With so many payment gateways available in the digital world, selecting the right one and entrusting it with your delicate payment data can be challenging. Thus, this article is timely, as we will be going over the most reliable payment gateways you can bank on for your transactions. Stay peeled.

  1. Melio

Melio is the first on the list. Melio is a simple digital payment option that allows businesses to make payments to other businesses in exchange for goods and services. The platform is made available for small business owners in the United States. Payments made with Melio are easy and convenient. Accepting digital payments with Melio is also easy and free.

  1. Fondy

Next on the list is Fondy. This is an instinctive payment gateway system that allows entrepreneurs to make business transactions online across Europe. This platform supports transactions in several currencies and can be used for both recurring and one-time payments. Online invoicing and automated refunds are also supported on the platform.

  1. Payoneer

Payoneer is an international payment system that allows freelancers and small business owners to make and receive payments from anywhere around the world. Their services are safe, fast, affordable, and friendly.

  1. Stripe

Stripe is a payment gateway that permits users to create integrations with modern tools fast. The platform is essentially focused on the customers and products experience. It allows transactions in several currencies and helps customers evade costs of conversion.

  1. BlueSnap

BlueSnap is an easy payment gateway that allows payments for mobile, eCommerce, and website development. Its payment processor allows retailers and merchants to be able to integrate shopping cart platforms and top marketplaces in it and be able to make and receive direct payments.  The platform can also be used for building unique Saas and gaming applications for desktop and mobile devices.

  1. Amazon Pay

Amazon also has provision for a streamlined and safe payment system for its shoppers and merchants to speed up their online transactions. Having an Amazon account is essential when making use of this payment system as checkouts and check-ins are completed from a user’s Amazon profile information.

  1. Vapulus

Vapulus is a payment gateway built to make mobile payments simple. Business owners can accept stress-free payments using this platform. Vapulus brings all sales made from your various payment platforms around the web to one interface, enabling a user to sell products and services globally and receive payments in one place.

  1. Paypal Payments Pro

Paypal is one the largest online payment gateway in the market. Paypal payments pro is a service used for the processing of payments by eCommerce users who do not own a PayPal account. Paypal payments pro is created for the streamlining of business transactions. And just like Paypal, it is a secure payment system and is currently the most extensive global payment system as it supports over 25 major currencies.

  1. 2Checkout

2Checkout is a global digital payment system with extensive capabilities. With over 50,000 merchants making use of this platform, payments can be made from 2Checkout from anywhere globally. It also allows retailers and merchants to be able to integrate shopping cart platforms and top marketplaces in it. 2Checkout  also supports transactions in several currencies.

  1. Braintree

Braintree is a payment gateway that businesses can use to make, process, and accept payments to fully make use of their business opportunities and boost their overall revenue. Braintree has the provision of 4 modules to aid businesses in achieving their goal. The first module is for debt collectors and merchants,  the second for businesses to process efficient payments, the third is for connecting suppliers with merchants, and the last module for entrepreneurs to create revenues and build partnerships.

  1. Skrill

Although new to the market, skrill is a very efficient payment gateway designed to allow Uk-based individuals and businesses to send and receive payments around the globe. What’s more, active users can put in an order for a Prepaid Mastercard for use in making withdrawals and purchases from anywhere.

  1. WePay

WePay is a payment gateway made particularly to assist the requirements of POS and web-based platforms. WePay is created for fast, smooth, safe, and easy payments and receipt of funds without difficulty.

  1. is a payment gateway created to assist merchants to boost their sales in both online and local stores. It is a secure payment gateway that is fraud-repellant, best for quick transactions, and organizes and stores data conveniently.

  1. EcommPay

Ecommpay is a payment service system designed for use by businesses of various sizes and types. It offers a massive transaction management system and is compatible with a good number of payment channels. It is also designed to locate and block fraudulent transaction patterns and minimize financial risk.

  1. PayU

PayU is a simple payment system designed to make up for the shortcomings made by complex service providers. It has an incredible conversion rate and accepts over 40 methods of payment.

  1. CardinalCommerce

CardinalCommerce is a unique payment processing gateway that provides its users with the opportunity of utilizing various payment brands, reducing fraud, and preventing chargebacks. It also aids entrepreneurs in selecting the best marketplaces and options for their businesses.

  1. Payza

Payza is among the fastest and easy systems of money transfer available in the market. It is best for professional and private use. It allows users to send and accept payments from anywhere around the world. It supports payments in about 25 currencies and offers bitcoin and other altcoin services. Not available.

  1. BitPay

BitPay is a whole new payment system on its own, that accepts and makes bitcoin payments. It also allows users to spend and save their bitcoin securely. It also allows users to exchange their funds for dollars. It supports transactions in multiple currencies.

  1. Zoho Checkout

Zoho Checkout is a payment system that processes recurring payments and is one of the best in processing innovations.  Building a checkout page is easy on the platform and the provider takes care of the hosting as well. Customizations can be made on the platform to suit your business needs.

  1. SecurionPay

SecurionPay is a highly reliable payment solution for individuals who have the goal of boosting their sales and conversion rates. It is also perfect for businesses as it allows the customization of the system to suit a business's needs.

There you have it – some of the most powerful and efficient payment gateway systems available on the market. If you are in need of a payment service provider, then this article will be extremely beneficial to you. Feel free to explore any of the above-listed options, as they are guaranteed to give you value.

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