7 Help Desk Programs That Can Help Push Your Business To New Heights

7 Help Desk Programs That Can Help Push Your Business To New Heights

The business world keeps evolving day by day. Businesses that can successfully recognize and follow dynamics always emerge as leaders in the global market. In recent times, businesses have started to understand and recognize the importance of the customer service unit unlike before where it was considered as just a storage unit. Any business that understands the importance of customer service has the potential to stand at the top Of the food chain. Customer service helps you provide a more personalized service to your customers by exposing them to their needs and desires. Once you can understand and harness the power of good customer service, then you are going to increase your market share. This is because most customers are looking for services that are tailor-made to suit their unique and personal needs. A personalization pulse check study from the Accenture interactive 2018 showed that 91 percent of customers are most likely to patronize Or buy from brands that can recognize, recall and provide customized services to them based. Good customer service not only increases sales, it increases revenue and goodwill which is also an asset to the business.

Improving your customer service can save and revitalize your business, and luckily, it has become easier to improve customer service with the help of some help desk programs. These help desk programs are tools that can help you to achieve a good customer experience. Most of them are free to use and they can be used in integration with popular applicants. These programs allow open-source configurations and leverage artificial intelligence. Below, we’ll give you one or two combinations of these elements that will help you. It is important to note that the help desk solution guide we are about to give you is not the usual. We don’t compare apps based on their popularity in the market. We give you unique cases of where it is ideal to apply a particular help desk app or group of help desk apps in a way that ensures that they are put to maximum use. Some of the apps we will introduce to you are new in the market but we guarantee you that they are work checking out. So before you on your software choice, make sure you explore all the options because that is the only way you can select the one that is best for you. Here are 7 help desk programs you may not have come across.

  • Hubspot service hub: This is helpful. One of the distinctive qualities of the HubSpot service hub that stand as the selling point is the fact that it is a part of the HubSpot marketing and HubSpot sales suite. It is rare for the help desk to work alone respectively in recent times. It seldom acts as a standalone or solo process. Most businesses understand that with how competitive the market is becoming, the only way to maintain or increase a sustainable inflow of revenue is by taking advantage of customer service. Customer service is what differentiates brands. And customers are drawn to the business or product that offers more value. The only way to defeat the competition is by providing more personalized service to the customers. Once a customer can distinguish your services from the rest of the competition, you have won that customer’s loyalty. Getting a really good help desk software is not enough if it does not provide solutions that will allow the sales department, the marketing department, and the support team to work closely in synergy. It is only when there is a synergy that it can be said that, customer experience management is successful. This is why HubSpot is ideal because it has so many useful features that will help your business win. Some of the winning features of HubSpot include contextualized tickets, leverage CRM, HubSpot gives you a chance to properly engage with customers, its universal inbox that allows you to read and manage customer messages and emails giving you an insight into the desires of the customers, Growth stack, etc. HubSpot has a lot of benefits asides from these.
  • Spiceworks: This particular help desk can be used by multiple agents. This means that even if your business expands, you can still use it. Its features include a quick windows setup and a mobile integration. But one of the disadvantages of using Spice works is the
  • A self-hosted installation constitutes a problem for businesses using Unix or Linux. You’ll find it difficult to cope with the constant configuration and update requirements especially if you don’t have tech skills. Asides from this and the additional charges for premium support, Spice works is a good choice
  • ngDesk: On ngDesk, you don’t have to pay for any support plan but their features are standard. ngDesk can take care of all the basic support necessities. The ngDesk vendor plans to release a paid plan soon that features an AI-wired help desk system.
  • Keeping: Gmail has always been the favorite tool used by small businesses to respond to customers. This is at the basic level.  But it is difficult to track and manage all customer support emails. There are so many help desk applications that can transform your Gmail into a full-blown Help desk and Keeping is one of the best.
  • osTicket: It is an open-sour help desk go a long way to help you with your customer support especially when it is optimized. You can control the support internally which makes it ideal.
  • inbenta: This is ideal for businesses with simple support cases. It features a chatbot that can provide 24/7 support services. Inbenta is an independent chatbot that can be integrated with Facebook, Skype, or slack. It works with the aid of artificial intelligence.
  • Pro Profs Knowledge Base: For businesses that deal with recurring customer queries or inquiries, The Pro Profs Knowledge base is suitable for you as it will help you handle all the queries in real-time. All you have to do is create several self-help portals and allow the customers to access the information they want at their convenience.

In conclusion, to choose the help desk solution most suitable for your business you have to first understand the customer-service need of your customers. Knowing  this will help you select the best app with the features that meet your business’ requirements. Gather enough data and do proper analysis because that is the only way you’ll understand your customers’ needs. Knowing what your customers need will help you stand out in the market space.

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