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Online Proctoring Software 2024 - Best Application Comparison

Online Proctoring Software is a cutting-edge technology that allows educational institutions to conduct exams and assessments securely and efficiently via the internet. This software offers a comprehensive suite of features and tools designed to prevent cheating and ensure the integrity of online exams. With the help of online proctoring software, students can take exams from the comfort of their own homes while being monitored in real-time, providing a convenient and flexible solution for remote learning.

Key Features of Online Proctoring Software:

1. Live Proctoring:

Online proctoring software offers real-time surveillance of the test-takers during exams. Through live video and audio feeds, proctors can monitor the test-takers to ensure they follow the rules and guidelines of the assessment. This feature includes the ability to detect and report any suspicious behaviors, such as unauthorized breaks or attempts to cheat.

2. Automated Proctoring:

Automated proctoring is a feature that utilizes advanced algorithms and AI technology to monitor test-takers remotely. It can detect suspicious activities by analyzing patterns and behaviors, such as eye movements, facial expressions, or unusual screen activity. The software can alert the proctor in real-time if any cheating behavior is detected.

3. Secure Browser:

Online proctoring software often includes a secure browser that restricts access to external websites or applications during exams. This prevents test-takers from searching for answers or utilizing unauthorized resources. The secure browser ensures the integrity of the assessment by creating a controlled testing environment.

4. Multiple Exam Formats:

This category of software supports various exam formats, such as multiple-choice, essay-based, or math-specific tests. It provides flexibility for educators to create diverse assessments that cater to different subjects and educational levels.

5. Exam Recording and Playback:

Online proctoring software enables the recording and playback of exam sessions. This feature allows proctors and instructors to review the exam footage to identify any misconduct or suspicious behavior that may have occurred during the assessment.

6. Data Security and Privacy:

Online proctoring software ensures the protection of sensitive data, such as test questions, student information, and exam results. It utilizes encryption protocols, secure data storage, and access controls to prevent unauthorized access or data breaches.

Online proctoring software offers a reliable and efficient solution for educational institutions seeking to maintain exam integrity in online learning environments. By leveraging advanced surveillance technology and comprehensive features, this software ensures that exams are conducted fairly and accurately while providing a convenient and flexible experience for students. Stay ahead with the latest trends in remote education by choosing the best online proctoring software for your institution in 2024!


Our score: 9.6

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User satisfaction: 94%

Our score: 8

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User satisfaction: 100%

Our score: 7.55

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Wise Proctor

Wise Proctor

Our score: 5

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Our score: 3.2

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ExamOnline is a full-featured online examination solution that enables conducting any kind of Online Examination - entrance tests, recruitment examinations, skill assessments, certifications, corporate hiring etc. It is a fully integrated platform that provides end-to-end examination solutions righ...

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Online Proctoring Software

Online Proctoring Software

About Ulearn: uLearn is a fully equipped online assessment web portal which enables educational institutions to create and conduct cheat-proof online tests assessment anywhere anytime. With the help of our proctoring services we ensure that the integrity of tests is intact. Ulearn is a cost-effec...

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FAQ Online Proctoring Software

  • What is online proctoring software?
    Online proctoring software is a SaaS tool used for remotely invigilating and monitoring online examinations or assessments. It ensures the integrity of the test by preventing cheating and misconduct, while also providing a secure and convenient examination experience for candidates.
  • How does online proctoring software work?
    Online proctoring software uses advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, and computer vision to monitor and authenticate test-takers during an online examination. It can detect suspicious behavior, monitor the candidate's webcam feed, track eye movements, and flag any potential instances of cheating or misconduct.
  • What features does online proctoring software offer?
    Online proctoring software typically offers features such as live or automated proctoring, ID verification, browser lockdown, screen recording, real-time monitoring, flagging of suspicious activities, secure exam delivery, and detailed reports for analysis.
  • Who can benefit from using online proctoring software?
    Online proctoring software is beneficial for educational institutions, universities, businesses, recruitment agencies, or any organization that conducts remote assessments, certification exams, entrance tests, or online interviews. It ensures fair evaluation and saves time and effort compared to traditional in-person proctoring.
  • Is online proctoring software secure?
    Yes, reputable online proctoring software providers prioritize security measures to protect the integrity of assessments. They use encryption techniques, secure servers, and follow strict privacy policies to ensure that the data and evaluations remain confidential and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.
  • What are the benefits of using online proctoring software?
    Some key benefits of using online proctoring software include preventing cheating and misconduct, providing flexibility for remote test-takers, reducing administrative burden, enhancing test accuracy, increasing scalability, and offering detailed insights and analytics for better evaluation.
  • Does online proctoring software require special hardware?
    No, online proctoring software typically works with standard hardware. It requires a computer or laptop with a webcam, microphone, and internet connectivity. Some software may have specific system requirements, so it's recommended to check the specifications provided by the software provider.
  • Can online proctoring software detect cheating?
    Yes, online proctoring software uses advanced algorithms and AI technology to detect suspicious behavior and potential instances of cheating. It can identify activities such as looking away from the screen, unusual eye movements, multiple faces in the webcam frame, or unauthorized access to browser tabs during the test.
  • How much does online proctoring software cost?
    The cost of online proctoring software varies depending on factors such as the number of exams, test-takers, features required, and the chosen pricing model. It is advisable to contact various software providers for pricing details and choose the one that suits your organization's needs and budget.
  • Is technical support provided for online proctoring software?
    Yes, most online proctoring software providers offer technical support to help users with any issues or queries. They may provide assistance through email, live chat, or phone. It's crucial to check the support options and availability provided by the software provider before making a purchase decision.