Professional Bulk SMSSoftware

Professional Bulk SMSSoftware

Professional SMS Marketing Software


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Professional Bulk SMS Software, a medium between your client and you. Software makes you sufficient to send bulk SMS to your clients through pc to mobile phones using USB modems, GSM phones etc. Software can send promotional messages to the clients.


Software to send bulk SMS nationally and globally. Software can send bulk SMS as text on various platform like windows, android, pc to mobile phones using USB modems, GSM phones, smartphones or windows mobile etc. Professional SMS bulk software promotes business development by sending text SMS to the customers. Professional SMS Software provides service to the users to reach out their customers and get promotion at the customer side and in views.


Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing Software – Professional providefacility to send bulk SMS from pc to mobile phones using USB modems, GSM phones, Android Smart phones etc. SMS text messaging application easily manage lists of contacts or groups using exclusion list wizard feature. SMS sending application provides facility to skip duplicate number entries during its process. Professional bulk SMS tool supports many platforms. Professional bulkSMS senderapplicationmake you to send standard messages or notifications accordingto your requirement. Professional bulkSMS sending tool supports multiple devices as you can connect multiple GSM mobile phones or USB modems to send bulk SMS. One can easily market their products as well as services by sending group text messages. SMS sender program provides option to send text messages in single click while using Android technology based Mobile phones.

Special Features of Software:

  • Bulk SMS sending software sends SMS to list people at once.
  • Time saving.
  • Professional bulk SMS software is less complex for the user.
  • Software can allow the user to copy and paste the text.
  • Bulk SMS sending tool enables you to send notification or standard SMS.
  • SMS messaging Software can save sent messages to templates.
  • SMSmobile marketing softwarecan performat all major USB modems, GSM phones, Android Smart phones and Windows based mobile phones.
  • No internet connectivity needed.

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